BiBi & Cie, Chapelier  42, rue Garneau Vieux-Québec   418-694-0045

BiBi et Cie

The Hatter

In this little shop in the heart of Old Quebec, you will find thousands of hats for all seasons, all occasions and all price ranges. With personalized service advisors, clients frequentthe area regularly and have been since 1993.

At Bibi and Company, there is a hat for every head.Whether you are looking for something original or more classic, you're sure to find one that suits your tastes. Berets, caps, helmets, top hats, panama hats, bowler hats, leather, straw, fur, felt or fabric ... just ask a counselor to guide youwith pleasure your selection.

Products from Quebec
Interestingly, 80% of the hats were sold locally made ​​by artisans or manufacturers in Quebec, the milliner* ManonLortie offering unique designs reflecting the inspiration of the moment. You'll still find some imports from Australia,Belgium, Scotland and Ecuador. In addition to offering a variety of hats, the store also offers cleaning, adjustment, repair and maintenance.

*a person who makes or sells hats

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